How To Convert MOD to DVD/MPEG/MOV/AVI/MP4/Youtube/VOB/MP3..?

MOD Converter is a rather
professional mod video converter, which is able to convert mod and teach
you how to convert mod files. It can convert MOD, TOD, MPEG files into
MP4, MP4 AVC, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP2, M4A, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.

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Step by Step Guide–How to Convert MOD to DVD?

Step 1 Download and intsll MOD to DVD Covnerter on your computer
and activate it.

Step 2 Add mod files.

Click button on the main interface to input a .mod file that you
want to convert.

Step 3 Add subtitles and audio tracks

To add subtitles, click on the + sign (Add Subtitle…) on the right
of the subtitle item to load the required subtitle file(s) from your

To add audio tracks, click on the + sign (Add Audio Track…) on the
right of the audio track item to load the required audio track(s) from
your computer.

Step 4 Create a DVD menu

Click on the Templates button from the Menu panel in the top
right-hand window and choose a template from the list to quickly create a
simple DVD menu.

Step 5 Set output target

Click the Destination drop-down button from the main window, and
choose DVD disc, or DVD folder from the drop-down list as the output

Step 6 Set DVD name

Enter a name in the Volume Label field from the main window to name
the output DVD.

Step 7 Start burning

Choose the write speed and the number of copies required, and then
click to start the burning process.

The above procedures is how to convert mod files to dvd on mod to
dvd converter. Want to learn more information on convert mod to dvd, get
in touch with us.


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